We provide four key disciplines to both groups and individuals, delivered by professionals with a broad depth of knowledge and personal experience.

Coaching is designed to accelerate the success of an individual and any organisation that is supporting the process. It is a unique intervention. It provides the motivation and drive to set improved and stretching goals and constantly explores an individual’s will to determine their progress and success. It’s powerful.

Coaching is often the preferred route of high performance organisations and individuals as it is bespoke, outcome focused and significantly more time efficient and effective than any other intervention.

Coaching is goal orientated and matches the pace that an individual demands to achieve. Coaching will support better-informed decisions; improve the effectiveness of relationships and achievement of realistic and timely personal performance. It is often not only a transforming experience in a work environment, but will have applications for life.

A coach is authentic, inspirational, challenging and a confidante. This is underpinned by a fundamental belief in people and their ability.

Facilitation will enable a group of individuals or an organisation to work effectively and collaboratively together. This can solve an immediate issue through to creating a strategic direction. Facilitation can achieve synergy through open, thought provoking and motivational questions derived from listening acutely to the sense of the meeting, working group or conference.

A facilitator is an individual who enables a team, a learning group, conference or an organisation to think deeply about assumptions, beliefs and values to achieve outcomes that previously may not have been possible.

Facilitation is achieved through stimulating discussion, allowing a group of individuals to discover their purpose and understanding that goal from the outset. Idea generation, excitement fostered through new ideas and the production of clear outcomes is a proven and effective way of step-changing the performance of the group involved.

Great facilitation is neutral, systematic and creates advanced learning. It’s fun and motivational.

Employment Mediation enables parties in dispute to reach an agreed solution to their differences. The mediator uses a range of skills and experience to help reach an agreement which can be an opportunity to resolve a problem at an early stage and either retain the employee, a very positive alternative or agree a separation.

Employment Mediation presents a constructive alternative to damaging internal disputes and litigation. The parties agree with the mediator to enter a mediation on one day and are assisted and enabled by the mediator to agree solutions to their differences and form a written binding agreement. The strength of the process is that the parties, enabled by the mediator, focus on the core issues in dispute, reach their own resolution and either continue in the workplace or with an agreed separation. In the region of 80% of Employment Mediations commenced reach a binding agreement.

We offer mentoring services to help individuals or those in any organisation, at any level, to better understand and chart their personal journey with the guidance and support of those who have gathered significant and often challenging experience on the road to personal and professional fulfilment.

Mentoring seeks to develop an understanding of the needs and wants of the individual, to offer guidance and direction to help those desires and aspirations come into reality. Working creatively to explore fresh ideas and strategies for professional and personal development. The mentor draws upon their own depth of knowledge and experience to guide, ‘sign post’ and offer fresh direction to meet the needs of the individual.

Effective mentoring requires the mentor to be totally committed to the mentee, celebrating their successes, whilst being prepared to speak the truth in such a way as to guide and support the mentee to reach their full potential.


Ian Stickland Photo

Ian Stickland

ian.stickland@52days.co.uk 07979 862011

Ian Stickland is an experienced HR Business Partner, working across different functions at the most senior level in a FTSE 100 company. Ian is involved in business leadership and excutive level facilitation.

Ian is a qualified and trusted performance coach to board level. He is recognised as a talented Employment Mediator with a great success record. Ian also leads the Trustee Board of a charity working with young people in the south of England and was recognised in 2014 for this service.

Mark Dent Photo

Mark Dent

mark.dent@52days.co.uk 07518 036971

Mark is an accredited and experienced Employment Mediator. He is also an experienced employment lawyer and acts for a variety of employers and employees in the private, public and voluntary sectors for more than 20 years.

Having worked as a probation officer in West London for several years. Mark attended the LSE and College of Law and qualified as a lawyer.

Mark also sits as an Independent Member of Police Misconduct Panels in London.

Peter Goodall Photo

Peter Goodall

peter.goodall@52days.co.uk 07403 331319

Peter is the founder of 52days. He is a strategic thinker and creative problem solver. Peter is an accredited and experienced Employment Mediator.

He trained as a solicitor and then joined the police service, reaching the rank of Assistant Chief Constable. He has a degree in Law and Politics and is an alumnus of the Strategic Command Course for senior police leaders.

  • Why we do it

    In a complex world with frequently conflicting demands on both individuals and organisations there is a growing need to be heard, to listen, to think differently, to reduce conflict and to move forward.

  • Why we do it

    Our experience comes from working in very diverse sectors of retail, the police and the law. Having enhanced our range of skills and experience through training and application, we offer clients a comprehensive range of services to help them achieve the change they want.